What's New?
  • Completely updated course material – including lessons on OSHA compliance, practical guidelines and visual demonstrations on proper use of protective equipment, recommended RF site visit procedures, and examples of real-world situations
  • New lessons on RF basics and antenna basics – covers basics of wireless (how radio frequency emissions are transmitted) and antennas (types of antennas, how they work, and their applications)
  • All-new interface – superior high resolution graphics, animations, and illustrations for more multi-media content
  • Voiceovers and closed captioning – students can choose to hear or read the course material
  • New student activities – challenging new learning activities and quizzes reinforce topics and enhance student retention of the material
  • New tests – all-new questions to go with the new course content; randomly generated questions still provide individualized testing that ensures student mastery of the material (no cookie-cutter tests)
  • SCORM compliant – ensures easy integration and delivery on your existing learning management system

With the new content, updated interface, and improved interactivity, we think Peoplesafe® is the best online RF health and safety training value available. Your students will enjoy taking it – how often can you say that about employer-mandated training products? Protect your company and your employees with convenient, web-based RF safety training from the RF compliance experts at Sitesafe.